Every one is the best one

Jun 25, 2010

As we roll out our events this year, each one I participate in becomes my next favorite. Not that they are necessarily getting better each time. It’s just that each one has its own dynamic and things that make it uniquely great.

We finally camped out in our hometown this weekend. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth. It’s a place that we’ve volunteered at, donated to, and even have an Amway executive on the board of directors – Lisa Hunter from Integrated Marketing Services.

There were a ton of kids at this event. We split them into four groups so they could rotate into different stations. They shoveled soil and compost; they planted the gardens; they made their own pots with seeds to take home; and  they painted their faces and painted markers for the plantings.

IBOs and employees showed up to help out, and once again we transformed not only the garden, but the landscaping around the Club. Volunteers pulled weeds, spruced up beds, painted fences and planted flowers. We even brought our own Master Gardener to this one – Linda Van Zee from our IT department.

Tomorrow is the next event at another Amway hometown: Buena Park, California. And next Tuesday we will attept our first mid-week event in San Diego. Email us at boysandgirlsclubs@amwayglobal.com if you would like to join.

Enjoy the pictures! The full set is at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35587570@N07/sets/72157624228967389/

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