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Jul 19, 2010

Hey, we’re glad you found us.

We just moved to a different blogging platform that will allow us to expand our conversation about the One by One Campaign for Children to the global level.

There are also more technical features that allow you to easily follow our stories and converse with us.

One by One is a global campaign that has helped 7 million children in the last seven years. But it breaks down into thousands of stories of individuals helping in their communities.

At this blog, we look at the large impact we are having, and we tell the stories of what you are doing individually to make a difference at the local level, in all 80 countries and territories where Amway does business – and sometimes beyond.

We also look at the root issues and innovative solutions to helping children everywhere survive, thrive, and create a more positive future.

Please continue to share your stories and ideas with us. Whether you have been following our blog, or just found us, we are glad to have you!


    • Leah Zuber says:

      The new blog platform looks great!

    • James Reinhardt says:

      The new blog looks great! Outstanding work!

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