Amway and other CSR leaders recognized in Beijing

Jul 22, 2010

From guest blogger Alan Yi, who is on temporary assignment with our Corporate Citizenship department in Michigan, originally from our Amway offices in Guangzhou, China.

“Without love, human beings will be cold as ice. Without responsibility, the world will not be warm. Corporate social responsibility is like a beacon of light leading others and also leading our long-term future. In 2010, we landed in crisis. When we look back on the waves behind, the partner company that is standing still wins our respect. That is where the light of responsibility comes from.”

The words of Ms. Xiuhong Ma, Vice Minister of the China Commerce Department, set the stage for the Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting in Beijing last month.

At the meeting, Amway was given the 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility award for the work it has championed around CSR in China.

Frances Yu, Vice President of Public Affairs, accepted the award on behalf of Amway. Yuling Ren, the Counselor of the China Sate Council, awarded the prize, and also recognized Pepsi, Motorola, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Nokia.

Participants discussed the management of corporate social responsibility, exploring the balance of promoting business while ensuring sustainable social and environmental development. The practice of a comprehensive management of social responsibility among business is new to China this century, and these recognized companies proved to be on the cutting edge of thought and action.

The event was hosted by China Foreign-Invested Enterprises Association, China Charity Federation, China Private Business Economic Research Community, and China Enterprise News. It was led by the United Nations Global Compact, the International Organization of Employers (IOE), the International Labor Organization (ILO) and China Enterprises Association.

Congratulations to Amway China!

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