Brazilian student meets the president

Jul 28, 2010

Our colleagues in Brazil forwarded this update about a student getting to meet the President. 

We were excited to learn that the President of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, presented an award to a student attending a school sponsored by Amway through its Nutrilite farm in Brazil.    

On June 26, Leticia Rodriguez, a 7-year-old student at the Humberto Ribeiro School in Ubajara, Ceara, received the award for the best poster design promoting education in Brazil, with the theme: “The prevention of youth drug use.” Leticia is a second year student and like her classmates, she participates in the Permaculture Project sponsored by the Nutrilite farm.    

“The support from Nutrilite has been fundamental since we established the Permaculture Project at our school,” says Clesilene Pereira de Carvalho, a school teacher. “The overall knowledge base of the school children has grown as they learn more in depth all the aspects of the natural environment in which they live.” The school received the highest performance grade, a 10, as the best public school in Northeastern Brazil.    

Permaculture is a project that focuses on knowledge through art education in an outdoor classroom. The room is actually a representation of an agro forestry system where children receive lessons about how to coexist with nature and the importance of reading for a complete learning experience. Within this environment, there are workshops for mosaic applications, recycling and wood painting.    

The creation of an outdoor classroom offers a visually stimulating and healthy environment. The program is an alternative option for the children to develop better skills and applicable knowledge that will help prepare them for adulthood.    

The project involves 404 children who have daily access to the supplemental Permaculture educational offerings, including the opportunity to teach their newly learned knowledge to others through the sub-program Teachers of Permaculture.    

Leticia is one of those students, and we congratulate her on her project, and her opportunity to meet the president!    





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