Sunshine School Visit

Jul 29, 2010

We hear about school classes for migrant children in China from guest blogger Glen Myers, Director of Global Marketing Communications.

After a 15 hour flight to Shanghai, nothing can lift your spirits like a classroom of kids singing their hearts out and showing you what they’ve learned in their summer learning program. I was humbled to be a part of this experience, and I will never forget it.

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children is a sponsor of the Summer Classroom of Project Sunshine (at the school of Fuzhi Migrant Children School in Fengxian District). Here, children can take classes in martial arts, English, painting, nutrition, and safety.

Dana Boals (VP, Global Amway Brand) and I were invited to the closing ceremony of the summer classes. The children were anxious to show us what they’d learned. They even invited us to join them in some of their class activities.

The real magic behind these summer classes are the enthusiastic Amway distributor volunteers and other community partners. I can see why the kids love them. Dana and I had been there for less than five minutes before we were ushered into the first classroom where a group of 12 year olds stood at attention ready to give us a Kung Fu demonstration. Before we knew it, we were paired up with a student instructor. Not as easy as it looks. Even though we spoke different languages, we all shared the common language of having fun and acting like a kid!

At the conclusion of each classroom demonstration, we had the added experience of presenting each child with a backpack as a small gift. I was amazed at how patient each child stood while waiting for his or her backpack to be presented. Every boy and girl smiled and looked directly at us and graciously said, “Thank you” in perfect English. Straight from the heart.

From the Kung Fu class, we were escorted to the adjoining classroom where an equally enthusiastic group of kids had prepared a humorous skit on safety … complete with volunteer policemen from the local area. There were all so proud to share with us what they had learned. Again, with the backpacks, and again with the genuine thank you’s.
More classes awaited our arrival throughout the morning — the English class where we played an alphabet game together, the nutrition class where healthy eating habits were identified, and the music class where “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was belted out at the top of their lungs just like every other kid does.

On this sunny, hot and humid summer morning in Shanghai, I saw the magic of Amway’s One by One program in action: children getting the chance to learn and grow under challenging situations, volunteers taking time out of their busy schedules to make a difference, and Amway staff working hand-in-hand with local communities with one common goal in mind… children.

Why do these Amway distributor volunteers keep lining up for their chance to make a difference? One smile from a 12-year old and the answer is clear. (And the best remedy for jetlag I’ve ever experienced!)

Kung Fu classes

Backpacks and thank-you’s

A gift from the students, presented to Fances Yu (VP, Public Affairs)

Dana Boals with Amway volunteers

Glen Myers with Amway volunteers

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