Helping out after the oil spills

Jul 30, 2010

We have been watching the reports coming from the Gulf Coast area and just confirmed a partnership with John Tesh helping the families of fishermen in the area when we began to hear reports of an oil spill near our local community in West Michigan.

It’s shocking to hear these stories so close together. Are there other smaller spills that happen and we just don’t notice?

While there is not a lot Amway is able to offer in either situation, we are providing support where we can.

In Calhoun County (Western Michigan, about an hour drive from Amway headquarters), we will be sending just over 1,000 bottles of cleaning supplies - our Dish Drops and L.O.C. products. Both are mild detergents that are ph neutral with degreasing qualities. We plan to double that donation if there continues to be a need.

These products will help with the Circle D Wildlife Refuge in Vicksburg, which is leading the efforts to clean birds and other wildlife in the area after nearly one million gallons were leaked from a pipeline near a river that flows to Lake Michigan.

I spoke with Pam Decuypere from the Refuge this morning. They are working from dawn to dusk, mobilizing veterinarians and other volunteers to pick up animals affected by the oil and bring them back to the Refuge for treatment. They were happy to hear that their need for cleaning products was met. It’s amazing to see how many people have shown up to help out.

In the Gulf Coast, Amway’s North America office made a donation to the Sellecca-Tesh Foundation, which is helping the families of fishermen in the Gulf Coast area. The Foundation is giving financial aid to fisherman for income, supplies, medical care, child care, etc. Additionally, John Tesh is personally delivering supplies to families, and has been featured prominently for his efforts. John Tesh is a celebrity spokesperson for Amway in the US.

We extend our gratitude to the many hands that are offering help in each of these affected communities.

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    • Luis Guanoquiza says:

      That is very nice you guys helping people. Thanks for everything

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