An unconventional intern assignment

Aug 09, 2010

Amway interns find themselves performing “other duties as assigned,” at Urban Family Ministries, as Kristen Wassink, Corporate Citizenship Intern, shares with us as guest blogger.

Each summer a new group of interns arrive at Amway. We get eight weeks of intensive immersion into an aspect of the company, and a powerful experience to carry forward on our resumes.

But at Amway, it’s not just business as usual.

We broke away from our desks a few weeks into our assignments to participate in the “community volunteer” aspect of Amway culture. For the last three years, summer interns have staffed a neighborhood carnival working with Urban Family Ministries, a nonprofit organization helping inner-city youth in Grand Rapids.

It’s hard to break away from our busy schedules, but we soon find that it is time well spent.

As the kids poured in to the carnival, we took up our stations. We set up games, handed out prizes, painted faces, and cooked up some great summer food: hot dogs, snow cones and popcorn!

None of the kids went home with empty hands or empty stomachs. Some had 20 plus prizes jammed into their pockets. There was a sense of community that day, and new friendships surfaced as kids competed, shared and laughed together.

Yeah, it was really hot and we were tired from being in high-energy mode all day (some of us were a little smelly). But these are the memories you take back with you and experiences that I hope will always be a part my job.

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