A love story

Aug 11, 2010

A love story
Guest blogger Alan Yi passed along the story of a volunteer couple that met, courted and married during their experience with the 72 Hour program, which we blogged about in May. 


My name is Dong and this is the story of discovering my wife Vivi. Amway had not only given me a job, but also the opportunity to meet my future wife. This is our story about two Amway members who met through a volunteer program and fell in love, resulting in a loving couple that became husband and wife. 


72 hours is a volunteer program, designed by volunteers, that helps grade school children in rural areas of China by sending groups of volunteers. Three teams have participated, with the first working at Yangshan Hope Elementary School in Guangdong Province. The volunteers bring happiness and help within 72 hours through a process they call, “Discover-Action-Change-Joy.”



I am a 72 Hours program team leader and was born in 1969. I became an Amway member in March, 1995 one of the first in China. My current position is Emerald. My parents have always encouraged me to enjoy life and to help others.

I have participated in many different volunteer programs since I started to work at Amway. I have helped form a volunteer team that has grown to over 200 members who come from all different walks of life. We all share the same spirit of love and commitment. We have received much joy by helping those in need. Many of the members have joined the Amway business.



I am also a 72 Hours program volunteer. I was born in 1973 and joined Amway in 2002. I have known of Dong for 8 years. However, I did not have any opportunity to meet him until I participated in the 72 Hours program. This program offered us an opportunity to get to know each other and help each other with the children.

I noticed right away that Dong cared deeply for the kids and the volunteers. He taught the kids Christmas songs in English, and shared his Nutrilite vitamins with volunteers who were feeling sick. This really touched my heart.



I was impressed by Vivis commitment to poor children. She didnt avoid the children who were dressed in dirty, ragged clothes. On the contrary, she gave every child a hug and did all the dirty work herself. We began to fall in love.

One evening at dinner, I asked Vivi, “Do you have a passport?” She thought this was a strange question and looked puzzled. While she was still wondering, I said, “Please marry me! I have been invited by the company to attend a seminar in Los Angeles. I hope to go with my wife, and show her the world. Vivi calls this the sweetest moment of her life. 


We wanted to have a special wedding, so we chose to have our ceremony in the school where we volunteered. We wanted the children to share our happiness. If it wasn’t for the children, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet my husband. We also thought that this would raise more attention for the hardships of poor students and the disadvantaged groups.

We invited 72 Hours volunteers, our friends’ and relatives’ children in the city to attend the wedding. Most of the children had never been to a rural area and we hoped to offer these city kids a chance to see how their peers live in the rural area. Much to our surprise we received a special wedding gift, presented from Eva Cheng (Chairman of Amway China) and Steve Chan (Vice president of Amway China). It was a very special day for us in so many ways. 

On May 22nd, after weeks of preparation, Dong and Vivi implemented another 72 hours plan. Back to the place they met, the dedicated couple, together with 20 volunteers, made a nutritious lunch for the school, repaired the broken equipment on the playground, gave the children recycled books as gift for Childrens Day.

The most special part of the trip, of course, was the wedding ceremony. That day, hundreds of children presented a picture they made and their wishes to the couple. Without wine and feast, the wedding was very simple, but for Dong and Vivi, it was the best wedding they could imagine. It was the love for children that brought them together, and they completed their love story in the most meaningful way.

We wish them the best. — Alan Yi


    • p. ramakrishna says:

      i am from india and wish these special AMWAY couple a very happy and successful married life. in india amway business opportunity brings lot of changes in the lives of people.

      best wishes and good luck

    • Michael Keethin says:

      What a wonderful story.. many years of everlasting happiness for these two great volunteers who have found each other.

    • sandra miller says:

      May God continue to bless you an your wonderful Husband in all your doing continue to take care of Gods wonderful Children God Bless

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