Nutrilite “Little Bits” in Zambia

Aug 23, 2010

This post is from Angela Nelson in our Corporate Citizenship department, who recently visited an Amway-funded project in Zambia, Africa.

Working for a global company like Amway leads to a myriad of opportunities, and one of the best opportunities that I’ve experienced so far took place this past June when I traveled to Zambia to observe a feeding program, Milk and Medicine, run by a Zambian nonprofit, the Chritian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ), which is a ministry of the Alliance for Children Everywhere.
Since 2004, CACZ has been providing nutritional supplements through a Milk and Medicine program to mothers with children under the age of 2. Mothers who enter the program are in need of formula for their babies and are referred to CACZ by either their physician or social worker. Many of the mothers are either HIV positive and cannot safely breast-feed or are simply too poor to buy the formula.

Well, I didn’t realize the impact this trip would have on me until I met Julia, a mother of five boys and diagnosed HIV positive, during my site visit to the KuKu compound, one of two local compounds we visited.  Julia was quite fragile.  You could tell by what she wore that she couldn’t afford much, but inside she was strong, rich in spirit and concerned most with doing what was best for her youngest child in the program.  In fact, when I asked her why Milk and Medicine was important to her, she simply stated that “she wouldn’t be able to feed her child if it wasn’t for Milk and Medicine.”   

At that moment I knew my trip was not in vain …

So, why did I go all the way to Zambia to observe this program you may ask?  I went because Amway just finished piloting a successful trial study of a micro nutrient product called Little Bits.  Little Bits was developed using a formula based on a joint statement by the World Health Organization, World Food Program, and UNICEF. It is also powered by the expertise of Amway’s Nutrilite scientists and innovative technology and ingredients.  Most importantly, Little Bits provides undernourished children, ages 1-5, with 15 essential vitamins and minerals.

This life changing product helps children thrive and is most effective when offered in conjunction with programs like Milk and Medicine, and integral health and education program.  CACZ is an organization that has built strong and trusting relationships with their clients and who share in the mission of eliminating malnourishment in children.

As a company, we are just beginning to grasp the potential of the Little Bits product on the programs we support through the One by One Campaign for Children.

Personally, I’m just beginning to grasp the effects of a child not having basic minerals and vitamins. Amway has given me the opportunity to see this first hand. That’s why I am so proud to be a part of a team that help provide a “Little Bit” of hope to children around the world…One by One!


    • Wade Armand says:

      When is Amway opening up in Zambia. I’m an IBO in South Africa and getting inquiries from friends in that country. Thanks

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Thank you for your query regarding Amway’s operations in Zambia. At this point, Amway does not have any specific plans to launch the Amway business in the market.

    • praveen k pareek says:

      i want to strat a business same like people are doing at india.making partner and sale the product in zambia. i have a big chain which can interested to join with agood product.
      pls tell me how i can get a product and how i can joint the people.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      While Amway is offering nutritional assistance in Zambia through its Nutrilite Little Bits program, we do not have formal operations in the country at this time. Thanks for asking!

    • Sara Giesler says:

      Thank you Angela for the wonderful information. I visited CACZ in 2008 and was at a conference in Grand Rapids,MI when the Milk and Medicine Study was released.
      I would like to know more about your Little Bits
      Program and how you choose your partners for this program. I am leaving for Zambia on April 28 and would like to make some inquiries based on your criteria.
      Thank you.

    • Sean French says:

      I know of some adventure bikers that do mosquito net drop-offs in Southern Africa as well as educational material. As a paramedic I am keen to assist Doctor Without Borders (MSF) or Bikers For Africa in combination with my biking expeditions to ‘make the trip more worthwhile’. Could I get the guys from Khwela Adventures to get in touch to see if there’s a link?

    • mr vikas patel says:

      i want to start a business same like people are doing at india. making partner and sale the product in zambia. i have a big chain which can interested to join with agood product.
      pls tell me how i can get a product and how i can joint the people.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Hello Vikas, if you would like to learn more about our business in India, you can check out the Amway India website: Best regards, JH

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