Children create ways to help peers

Aug 27, 2010

It’s touching when you see children of low-income families push their problems aside and creatively think of ways to help their peers in developing countries.

For three days in July, that’s exactly what happened at the Kids G20 Global Camp in South Korea. As part of the ongoing “I Love One by One” campaign, Amway Korea and the International Vaccine Institute hosted this camp, which was attended by 350 Korean children from 18 welfare centers across the nation, ranging from third to fifth grade.

Through fun activities, the goal of the camp was to educate children about global poverty, pollution and ways they can help their peers in Africa.

Referencing an article published by The Korea Times, children created ideas such as saving and donating 100 Won per day, using less water to wash dishes, stopping wars, and producing a “Magic Bottle” that will provide continuous clean water to children, which won first prize for creativity.

Stimulated imaginations and innovative ideas resulted in an understanding among children about Africa’s challenges and led to an overall success at the first Kids G20 Summit.

Leah Zuber from Amway Corporate Communications contributed to this story.

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