Slamming across Europe

Sep 01, 2010

 The London to Romania “Cycle Slam” began a journey last month from the UK Flagship Amway Experience Centre and across Europe to end its journey in Romania.

Amway Independent Busines Owner Bogdan Cristea and his team crossed France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and finally Romania, where they visited the Art Therapy Project and Orphanage that they are raising money for. Bogdan and his team visited several Amway affiliates on their journey, including the Experience Centre in Vienna and the European Head Office in Munich.
You can follow the team’s journey at

The cycle slam falls under the One by One Campaign for Children. Bogdan and his team recieve support from Amway Business Owners, which is used to raise awareness and provide funds for disabled and abondoned children in Romania.

Great motivation to complete a gruelling challenge!

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