Happy Healthy Minds

Sep 03, 2010

We often talk about how the needs of children vary by country, and that a lot of localization happens with One by One. Here’s a great example of how Amway is addressing unmet needs in Malaysia, with a focus on parenting and mental health. Sri Soekarmoen from Corporate Communications tells the story. -JH

Last month, Amway Malaysia organized its 40th Happy Healthy Minds workshops and camp.

About 60 children participated. Mark Jabendranath and his younger sister were among the children who learned that they needed to work together as friends to build each other’s strengths. The children learned how to develop better self-esteem through activities that encourage them to partner, communicate and build relationship with other children.

Ting Fong Fong, Amway’s Corporate Communications Manager in Malaysia, said that through Happy Healthy Mind workshops and camps, children discover and nurture positive values. Promoting positive mental health is the focus of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children in Malaysia. Why positive mental health you may ask?

“We discovered that one in every five Malaysian children has a tendency for low self esteem and emotional and behavioral problems,” says Fong. “And we decided that was the best place for us to help. Since 2003, Amway has helped 1,600 children in Malaysia.”

But the effort didn’t stop with the children.

Amway has partnered with prominent psychologists to educate parents and caregivers on the issues surrounding children’s mental health and offer useful advice. To educate the public, Amway asked Dr. Teoh Hsien-Jin, a leading clinical psychologist, to write series of articles on the topic. From 2004 to 2006, there were more than 30 articles published in widely-read newspapers in Malaysia.

Children with high self-esteem and healthy minds tend to grow as happy and responsible citizens. But they certainly can’t do it alone. They need the support of their parents … and the community.

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