In Thailand, the world of words … through sound

Sep 08, 2010

The challenge: how to meet a unique need for children, while leveraging the influence and enthusiasm of celebrities and Amway distributors?

The solution is simple as listening on the “Daisy” … CDs in Digital Accessible Information System that is!

Many visually impaired children in Thailand are now able to enjoy uplifting stories by listening to books on CDs. For the past seven years, Amway Thailand through its One by One project called One Voice Brightens the World has inspired blind children to “read” books by using their hearing senses.

More importantly, Amway hopes to fight illiteracy in children – especially those with visual impairments. This year, Amway recruited celebrities and volunteers to contribute their voices to record 35 stories with theme of Living with Joy.

Amway plans to produce 10,500 CDs. Since One Voice Brighten the World’s debut in 2004, Amway has brought 194 titles of audio books to the children. Together with local publishing houses, Amway produced 172,800 CDs that were distributed via 150 agencies and organizations across the country.

Kittawat Ritteerawee, General Manager of Amway Thailand says: “We hope that by listening to these audio books, the swords and flowers will come to live. Their world will be brightened by uplifting stories like Good Luck, Break the Sword, and Flowers and Happiness are Close at Hand.

Here are a few pictures of the CD books, and some eager youngsters checking them out for the first time.

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Laksana Jenananporn for contributing to this post.

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