An outlet for teachers’ wishes

Sep 13, 2010

Last week, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about his wife, a school teacher, whose school supply budget got cut down this year from $400 to $100. For most teachers, this means making some touch choices about how much of their own money they want to spend to ensure kids get what they need.

This year, Amway worked with television personality Maranda on a solution that empowers the community to help.

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children, Wood TV 8 (our local NBC affiliate) and Maranda are promoting Teacher Wish Lists. It’s an online tool that connects teachers to donors. Who are the donors? You are…the community members … the neighbor down the street … the parent of child in the classroom.  And to help out is quite simple.

1. Teachers, visit and register for a free wish list account and post your wish items today. Your fellow teachers are asking for things like construction paper, arts and crafts materials, cleaning supplies, and yes even amphibians for a science project.

2. Donors, go to and find a wish list from the local school in your city and then contact the teacher and arrange to deliver the donated items.

A simple gesture has such a huge impact and teachers are being overwhelmed by how generous people can be when they just ask.

Thanks to Angela Nelson for contributing to this article … and for serving as Amway spokesperson for this program!

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