Momentum on rebuilding project in Haiti

Sep 24, 2010

In our first week, we raised more than $1,600 for a SOS Children’s Village home for orphaned and abondoned children in Haiti through our new ititiative.

If your thinking you have to give a lot to make a difference, consider what these amounts could cover:

$1 – Pack of nails

$5 – Hammer

$10 – Ladder

$50 – Bunk bed for 2 children

$75 – Kitchen table

$100 – Study desk

$100 – Window

$100 – Door

$500 – Basic kitchen stove/refrigerator set

$1,150 – House framing

$2,200 – Roof

$5,000 – Electrical and plumbing installation

$10,000 – Concrete, masonry and foundation for entire house

You can learn more on our Haiti Relief page, or go right to the dedicated SOS site. Amway is contributiong $250,000 to this effort, and we hope many others will join us.

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