Taking the Plunge for UNICEF in Hungary

Sep 28, 2010

I’ve been catching up on stories people have sent me from around the world, and found this gem of a program that happened over the summer in Hungary.

Many fundraisers are made up of adults doing physical feats in the name of philanthropy. Run for charity. Walk for freedom. Ride for a cause. This model creates a great incentive for the athlete, but doesn’t always include the broader community of donors, recipients … and children.

Amway Hungary has been a longtime supporter of UNICEF, and participated in an event that brought unlikely teams together for a swimming competition.

The 2010 European Swimming Championship Charity Relay Swim took place in August in Budapest, Hungary. In each team there were two children, one well-known Hungarian swimmer and one person on behalf of the company. These weren’t just Amway employees. We had some of our tip Amway Business Owners involved, swimming alongside Bronze Medalist Peter Hovarth.

They had a great time, and the event raised $14,000 for UNICEF. It included other companies in the area, like T-Mobile, EDF, MTV, and Nemest Sport. The swim competition was broadcasted on national television in Hungary.

Writing a check is the easiest way to help out, but when you can bring a community of people together to collectively join in the efforts, you are building a legacy of philanthropy that will keep on giving.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Dalma Laszlo for contributing to this post.



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