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Nutrilite – AC Milan Sports Center Opens

Friday, 29 October, 2010

October marked the official opening of the new Nutrilite-AC Milan sports center in Pagliare di Sassa near Abruzzo, Italy.

The sports center was funded in part by the Amway Goal by Goal partnership with Ronaldinho.

During the 2009-2010 season, Amway donated $10,000 for every goal that Ronaldinho scored. Little did we know he would be so productive … 15 goals!

More than 350 people attended the opening events, including Massimo Ambrosini, Franco Baresi and Daniele Massaro from AC Milan, Giovanni Chiodi, President of the Abruzzo region and Massimo Cialente, Mayor of L‘Aquila.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Monica Milone for contributing to this article, and for all your efforts in building the Goal by Goal program.

Amway Celebrates White Cane Day in India

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Did you know that October 15 was International White Cane Day? Raj Narain sends this update from Amway India

The white cane is a symbol of a blind person, a tool for mobility which tells us that a blind person needs space to walk.

To honor the many achievements of blind and visually impaired people and spread awareness about the right to safe mobility for visually challenged in India, the Amway Opportunity Foundation in Delhi partnered with Bhartiya Netraheen Kalyan Parishad, a leading NGO (nonprofit organization) that supports the blind, to celebrate this special day.

Volunteers helped visually challenged people cross the road, and gave them new white canes. Traffic police and officials participated, and received leaflets from the volunteers.

The event was witnessed by local government officials in Delhi, including Dr. M.P. Singh, Additional Standing Counsel, and Mr. R.P. Yadav, Deputy Director of Education.

Amway Opportunity Foundation also organized International White Cane Day Awareness Week across India, with partners in Kolkata, Patna, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad Trivandrum and Madurai.

It was rightly said by Helen Keller that there is no lovelier way to thank God for your sight, than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.

Dancing through the Amway offices in Japan

Monday, 25 October, 2010

Here’s a fun one.

This summer, Amway offices in Tokyo were invaded … by dancers.

For the past ten years, approximately 750,000 people participate in a traditional Japanese festival called the Super Yosakori Dance Festival, which is centered in the famous Meiji Shrine.

Dancers fan out in six locations around the city. The Omote Sando location is in Shibuya, right next to Amway headquarters.

Amway offers its auditorium as a venue for dancing teams, attracting crowds in the thousands. Employees serve refreshing drinks for tired dancers, and cheer them on.

Holding “Naruko” (Japanese castanets), up to 100 dancers perform in the auditorium or in the streets like a parade. The majority of the dancers are young ladies, but even children, college students and foreigners from Korea and Vietnam participated.

Check out some pictures below, or watch a video of some dancing on YouTube.

Thanks to Hisashi Takahashi for contributing to this post.

Opening the doors to literacy

Thursday, 21 October, 2010

Amway launched its fourth school partnership in the Philippines this week through the One by One Campaign for Children.

Our Philippines staff has found an innovative way to impact literacy – both by providing books for school libraries and engaging Amway distributors in storytelling programs that make literacy exciting and fun.

The Urdaneta I Central Elementary School in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan is the most recent of the four schools chosen for the program. The school is comprised of 4,000 students in grades 1-6, with programs focused primarily on the 688 first-graders. In addition, the school hosts children with special needs, including the deaf and mute, and children with mental disabilities.

The launch was well attended by volunteer teachers, parents and local dignitaries, including Amadeo Perez IV, Urdaneta City Mayor, and Norberto del Prado, Urdaneta Poblacion Barangay Captain.

The launch is geared towards providing a greater way of teaching students the fun and worth of reading as well as the lessons and values learned in the vast amount of children stories that is made available to them. Enhancements to the library will make it a more conducive learning environment and venue for children to study, practice and explore their creativity.

 “Amway is not just about business being the answer to make lives better, but we believe in giving back through our One by One Campaign,” said Suzanne Comagon, Amway Corporate Services and ADC Operations Senior Manager. “Through this campaign, we are enabling a better and brighter future for the children by providing them the right tools to learn and practice reading while exploring their creativity in the stories they can be exposed to.”

Below are pictures of a storytelling workshop from the storytelling workshop that took place prior to the One by One launch.

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Suzanne Comagon for contributing to this post.

More on SOS Children’s Villages

Tuesday, 19 October, 2010

I’ve heard questions about SOS Children’s Village and our project in Haiti. Following is a video that introduces the organization, as well as the program we’ve undertaken to provide long-term assistance for orphaned children affected by the earthquake in January.

Hope emerges from earthquake disaster in Indonesia

Monday, 18 October, 2010

While we launch a new disaster relief program for children in Haiti, we can look at another partnership that emerged out of a similar disaster in Indonesia. Indonesian-born Sri Soekarmoen from the Amway Public Relations team shares how a partnership has emerged from the ashes of a similar disaster.

I went home to Indonesia a few years ago to attend the Amway Indonesia 15th anniversary celebration. During that trip, I visited a school in Bantul, Jogjakarta in Central Java that Amway helped rebuild after a devastating earthquake that destroyed the village.

Amway made it possible for the children in Bantul to return to the class room quickly. Yet rebuilding the school was not the end of Amway involvement in Bantul.

A couple years later, Amway began a program that allowed Amway Business Owners (ABOs) and employees to become sponsor parents.

Sponsor parents donate small portion of their income to pay for students’ education. They meet students at least once a year to get acquainted and learn about their school progress.

On a bright Saturday morning in July, the students from Sompok and Kedungmiri Elementary Schools dressed in crisps uniform, smiles on their faces, and welcomed their sponsor parents with open arms, proudly showing them the progress they had made in school. 

Amway invited Dr. Edi Setiawan Tetuheru, a pediatrician, and Didi Nini Towok, a famous local entertainer, to provide an “edu-tainment” experience for the group, as well as for parents from the surrounding community.

After a presentation healthy lifestyles, they group was led in singing and dancing, which brought laughter and joy to the event. At the end of the day, each student received a bag of school supplies from their sponsor parents.

And the partnership continues. My friends from Amway Indonesia tell me that today there are 117 sponsor parents for 160 students from elementary schools in Bentul, Jogjakarta.

And I’m sure that will continue to grow, one by one.

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Rossy Waworuntu for contributing to this post.

Junior NBA: where amazing happens

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story about Dwight Howard in China and Taiwan, Alan Yi tells us about the Junior NBA competition that finished last week.

After several rounds of fierce competition in both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, 12 young Chinese basketball players finally stood out on Wednesday in Beijing as the final champions for the 2010 Amway Nutrilite Junior NBA Event.

The players, from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei, are among 50,000 other youngsters across the country who took part in the event, which was initiated this April and includes four parts: Street Show, City Camp, the Final and the NBA All-Star Weekend Experience.

As rewards, these young champions will embark on a free trip to experience next year’s NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles.

The kids fought together, setting screens for each other, giving high-fives, pulling a teammate up who fell down. One player said, “I made lots of friends. We will keep in contact after the match. We are brothers forever.” What they got from the experience was far more than basketball.

Parents watched from the side and cheered for their children. Some were more nerve-wracked to watch their sons than if they were playing themselves.

The most important lesson on the court may have been the setbacks and losses. One team that lost sat in silence, contemplating the reasons for their failure.

Coach Robert Horry told them, “Everyone needs to face failure, especially a player. Even when you fall you can learned a lot. You need to know how to find happiness when playing, how to respect your opponents, how to do teamwork.”

Next year, more players will come back to shoot for their dreams and walk away with an amazing experience.

“This is such an important experience for the kids, which can make them go further in the sports career,” says Horry, a former NBA star himself. “It’s not only a basketball game. That’s the magic of Junior NBA.”



Hosting Dwight Howard in China

Wednesday, 13 October, 2010

It’s NBA week on the One by One blog! Yesterday, we introduced new initiatives with the opening of the Amway Center in Orlando. Today, guest blogger Alan Yi tells about a One by One program in China with Dwight Howard.

In July, NBA superstar Dwight Howard traveled to Beijing and Taipei to promote China’s NBA Junior Event.

Sponsored by Amway’s Nutrilite brand, the Junior NBA in China is a grassroots program that aims to develop a life-long passion for the game among youngsters.

In an interview with China Radio International on Tuesday, Howard, who also serves as the ambassador of Amway Nutrilite Junior NBA, gave young Chinese players high praise.

“I have a lot of hope in those players I had a chance to train … They have a lot of talent and a lot of skill. I put them to a couple of drills that test their will and heart, and all those kids did excellent. They didn’t quit. Nor did they give up, and I am happy to see that.”

The kids were wide-eyed and a little surprised when they got to know Dwight. According to one young player, he was a bit of a card. “Everyone loves him! I couldn’t tell he was so funny when he was on TV.”

During the three-day tour, Howard also participated in a charity basketball shooting game, raising more than $22,000 for disabled children. He was excited with the whole travel experience.

“It is an honor to be able to come to China, and represent Amway, but also the NBA and Junior NBA … A lot of people never have a chance to come to see the world, and I had an opportunity to see China and basically all of Asia. It’s very beautiful. I’m happy to have this opportunity, and I’m glad to be able to help a younger generation.”

As to his experience with Amway, Howard has become a fan. “I’m a big friend of Amway. I know that it is a wonderful business, making the world better.”

Amway Center makes a positive first move

Tuesday, 12 October, 2010

This week marked the grand opening of the Amway Center in Orlando, the new home for the Orlando Magic and an amazing resource for the local community. 

I had a chance to walk by the Center when I was in town a couple of weeks ago, and was thorougly impressed … and, I must confess, a little proud to see Amway’s name in lights. 

Amway and Amway Center staff also found a way to raise awareness and funds for local causes. The opening gala event raised $300,000 for the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. In celebration of the grand opening, Amway also announced that it will partner with the Orlando Magic to build a new KaBoom! playground in the Parramore community. 

With a new home and new excitement brewing in Orlando, all we need now is a national championship from the Magic!

Up close with Phillies great Shane Victoriano

Monday, 11 October, 2010

Sometimes the best aspects of our One by One partnerships are not in the three-year plan, but in the ideas that come up along the way.

Case in point: last week, Nutrilite marketers joined up with a Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia to host a baseball clinic with superstar Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies are two games up in the National League division playoffs, and Victorino has played a prominent role in their success.

Of course, the 60 Club members in Philly didn’t need an introduction – they were already fans.

Victoriano talked to them about the importance of a eating a colorful diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. He also covered hitting, catching and base running. Each child received one-on-one instruction from Victoriano, as well as from Phillies’ hitting coach, Greg Gross, and bench coach, Pete Mackanin.

All of this was made possible because Amway was in town to promote its Nutrilite Phytonutrient Tour across the country. The tour works with dietiticans and nutritionists to educate people about the importance of nutrition, as outlined in the America’s Phytonutrient Report.

Thanks to Tom Sturgeon for contributing to this post, and for organizing this event.