An upskill battle

Oct 01, 2010

You read that right. Upskill – not uphill.

As you might expect, upskilling means to train people to enhance their own employability by giving them new skills for today’s marketplace. Today, it’s a concept that is especially important in South Africa, where equal employment for black citizens is a very young concept, yet one that’s vital to the nation’s economic strength and stability.

Amway South Africa is doing its part not only to provide advanced training to new distributors and its own employees, but also won the Direct Selling Association of South Africa’s Education for Life Award in recognition for its work with The Pacific Institute (TPI).

The Pacific Institute’s mission is to release the potential in people, teams and organizations. Amway’s support is specific to TPI’s flagship program, Investment in Excellence (IIE), which provides participants with the critical thinking skills they need to break away from the barriers that limit human potential.

Based on extensive research in psychology and human learning theory, the IIE program helps people manage change; empower themselves and others; expand their sense of accountability; expand their comfort zones; and create an environment that does the same for others.

Amway South Africa also received a Merit Award in the DSA’s Vision for Tomorrow category for supporting two other amazing organizations, Operation Smile and SOS Children’s Villages.

Each one of these programs is part of Amway South Africa’s efforts to advance economic freedom and equality, and provide a more prosperous future to those who live in a nation where staggering mineral wealth exists in the form of gold, diamonds, titanium and platinum, but where personal wealth – for the majority – remains elusive.

Thanks to Suna Snyman and Cindy Droog for contributing to this post. – JH


    • amway800 says:


      My colleague from China helped to traslate this comment: “There is a great need for such activities in China, the reason is that we badly need it.” Thanks for your comment. -JH

    • Elmari says:

      I would like to see two of my friend who live in Kokstad and Maclear to have this support for them and their friends. In the rural area where they live there is very little help from any one! Border of Eastern Cape and Eastern Cape!

    • Elmari says:

      I would like to comment on the letter from China as well. We have been in China and I have a very soft spot for China and its people. I try to go to the website but cannot read Chinese.

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