Canadians Go Over the Edge for Easter Seals

Oct 06, 2010

While most people are willing to take a leap of faith in supporting their charity of choice, Canadian IBOs take it to the next level – literally going over the edge in raising money for Easter Seals Canada.

As part of its involvement with the One by One Campaign in support of children’s charities, Amway Canada has supported the Easter Seals Drop Zone since 2006.

Drop Zone participants raise a minimum of $1,500 in pledges to qualify. Once they do, they’re able to rappel down some of Canada’s tallest buildings – conquering fears, living out a dream, and establishing themselves as everyday superheroes in the process. This year, 10 cities in seven Canadian provinces hosted Drop Zone events.

Easter Seals helps more than 100,000 Canadians living with disabilities participate fully in society – and that’s a perfect match for Amway Canada IBOs dedicated to helping people live better lives. Most famous for its camp programs, which allow children with disabilities to challenge themselves and have fun in a supportive, specially designed environment, Easter Seals Canada also supports year-round active-living opportunities, and support in providing specialized mobility and access equipment, ranging from adaptive computers to adaptations to homes and vehicles for wheelchair accessibility.

Drop Zone participants reap rewards from their participation too. In the process of raising funds to support a worthy cause, they learn something about themselves: they conquer their fears; realize they can set a goal and achieve it; and gain confidence in their abilities.

IBOs Diane Fedak and Gregory Anthoine recently shared their experiences on Amway Canada’s official blog and you can see photos on Flickr.

They learned lessons through the Drop Zone that they can transfer to their Amway business. After all, once you’ve climbed down the side of a 20-story building, picking up a phone to talk to someone about the Amway business and products seems a little less daunting!

Thanks to Jay Ménard and Carmela Ianni for contributing to this story.

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