Dancing through the Amway offices in Japan

Oct 25, 2010

Here’s a fun one.

This summer, Amway offices in Tokyo were invaded … by dancers.

For the past ten years, approximately 750,000 people participate in a traditional Japanese festival called the Super Yosakori Dance Festival, which is centered in the famous Meiji Shrine.

Dancers fan out in six locations around the city. The Omote Sando location is in Shibuya, right next to Amway headquarters.

Amway offers its auditorium as a venue for dancing teams, attracting crowds in the thousands. Employees serve refreshing drinks for tired dancers, and cheer them on.

Holding “Naruko” (Japanese castanets), up to 100 dancers perform in the auditorium or in the streets like a parade. The majority of the dancers are young ladies, but even children, college students and foreigners from Korea and Vietnam participated.

Check out some pictures below, or watch a video of some dancing on YouTube.

Thanks to Hisashi Takahashi for contributing to this post.

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    • Armin Brehl says:

      Voll Cool, habe schon lange nicht mehr so eine tolle Seite gesehen.

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