Amway builds two preschools in Turkey

Nov 05, 2010

Amway Business Owners in Europe have a partnership with UNICEF that goes even further back than the One by One Campaign for Children. In fact, it was a factor in Amway’s decision to concentrate its charitable efforts on helping children in need.

Through UNICEF, Amway Europe has raised funds to immunize more than 90,000 children in developing countries, which are often the difference between life and death for struggling families.

Now, Amway and UNICEF are focusing on education for young children in Van, Turkey. Last year, Amway Business Owners across 24 countries raised $600,000 USD to build two preschools, which were opened in October. The preschools will provide education for 400 children in two schools, which include a kitchen and playground with each facility.

The initiative was started in coordination with the UNICEF National Committee of Turkey and the National Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Preschool Education who identified the need of preschools of one of the most pressing issues in child education in Turkey. Amway Business Owners are already well on their way to funding more preschools to be built next year in Van.

Children are Turkey’s largest demographic group, with 9% of the total population between three and five years old.  While in Western Europe almost every child is enrolled in preschool education by the age of five, the number of infants attending preschool in Turkey remains very low. Only 11% of this group has access to preschools; the European average is 80%.  

Michael Meissner, Corporate Affairs Vice President at Amway Europe, explains, “Preschool education is very important for children – it will help them to develop their social and intellectual skills, to integrate themselves in society, to interact with others and to prepare them for their future life. This chance should be given to every child.  And this is what Amway stands for – we want to provide chances for children to live up to their full potential.”

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Candan Corbacioglu for contributing to this article, and for building a phenomenal program in Europe.

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