Amway Receives China Children Charity Award

Nov 09, 2010

Last week, Amway held an award ceremony in Beijing to recognize regional leaders and distributors for their support of local charitable organizations.

It’s fitting that the same week, we received word that Amway China received the “China Children Charity Award by the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) and the China Children and Teenager’s Fund (CCTF) thanks to its contributions to children’s welfare in China in the last ten years.

Mme. Chen Zhili, Vice Chairman of National People’s Congress attended the ceremony, along with the presidents of ACWF and CCTF. Amway China president Audie Wong delivered a speech at the ceremony as the only representative of the 86 awardees (see photos below). Other awardees include the likes of China Mobile, China Unicom, Nike, HP and Cargill.

CCTF initiated the program, called “Good Health” in 2000, aiming to help children stay away from illness, harm and crime and ensure as many children as possible to attend school. Amway China responded to this call by a series of actions, such as establishing schools for migrant children; supporting college students to go to remote and poor areas to provide education; and providing and nursing care and treatment for more than 200 disabled children across the country.

Congratuations to our colleagues in China … keep up the great work!

Thanks to Frances Yu and Claire Lan for sharing the good news.

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