In the halls of Amway HQ

Nov 10, 2010

There is a unique display for employee volunteers who roam the halls of Amway headquarters in Ada, Michigan. Katie Blough from Corporate Communications tells us how it inspires her.


Volunteering plays a big role in Amway’s culture. Our employees and distributors roll up their sleeves and dive into community projects, not because they have to, but because it’s something they want to do. As a way of sharing all of our volunteer efforts around the community and all over the world, we post it for all to see on the volunteer board at our World Headquarters.

The volunteer board captures a snapshot of the latest projects where our employees have made an impact. It lists a calendar of upcoming activities in which they can get involved and clocks volunteer hours and the number of children the campaign has impacted this year (by the way, we’re currently at 750 children impacted and 18,793 hours volunteered!)

One of my favorite ways to volunteer is by writing to my pen pal, Adam. We wrote our first letters to each other when he started third grade and two years later, we still keep in touch. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to eighth grade English students about my career in public relations, and I’ve even learned how to shingle a roof when I volunteered to clean up a local camp.

These are just a few examples of volunteer activities we post to the volunteer board. Check out some other activities our employees have gotten hands into right here in West Michigan all the way to Malaysia.

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