A Real Hope Maker in Taiwan

Nov 12, 2010

A couple of years ago, I visited Taitung County, a remote area of Taiwan where school is sometimes out of reach for children whose families struggle with low income. We were kicking off a new project in honor of Amway’s 50th anniversary through Amway Taiwan’s Hope Maker program.

Three years later, we received a report from our colleagues in Taiwan that the program has raised $433,920, sponsoring tuition and educational programs for 7,772 students in 20 schools in the Taitung area.

This year, Amway Taiwan is also focused on helping the local economy in Taitung. Through the Hope Maker program, Amway is selling a tea set with high-quality herbal teas from Taitung, and a locally-made teapot and cup set with an aboriginal design native to Taitung.

To promote the Amway Hope Maker project Amway Taiwan is also promoting the campaign through television commercials, print ads and an internet campaign.

The Amway Hope Maker program started in 1999, raising funds by distributor sales of special gifts with proceeds going to charitable organizations. Since 1999 the program has raised $1.4 million, helping 9,784 people.

You can watch the video clip below. I recognize the school we visited, and it makes me think of a bold principal, dancing students, and a young boy who hoped to run a business one day. With the help of Amway Taiwan, that hope continues.




Thanks to Julie Wu for sharing this update, and for all the amazing work you are doing on this program.

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