What have Special Olympic athletes taught us about business?

Nov 15, 2010

As an Amway Independent Business Owner, the weekends are Andre’s busiest time. But he sets aside one weekend each June to volunteer his time to escort an athlete who is competing in the Special Olympics of Indonesia (SOIna).

Andre was among more than 290 Amway’s Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and employees who volunteered their time to help 900 SOIna athletes from 33 provinces across Indonesia. 

Amway volunteers worked as information and field officers, photographers and cheerleaders. They hoped one of the athletes they helped would compete at the International Special Olympics in Athens, Greece in 2011. 

By volunteering his time, Andre earned more than just money or new customers. He says he found a new outlook that changed his life forever. “Those children have taught us the meaning of enthusiasm, determination and spirit to overcome obstacles. Nothing is impossible if we are passionate about what we do.” 

It was a special weekend for Andre and other Amway volunteers in Indonesia. They say the experience transforms them into enthusiastic and determined “olympians” in the business world.

Thanks to Rossy Waworuntu and Sri Soekarmoen for writing this post.



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