“Oscar Night” highlights activities in China

Nov 17, 2010

Tim Ruffini from the Amway Brand team recently attended “Oscar Night” in China and shares his experience.

Two weeks ago I had the great privilege of attending ”Oscar Night” in Beijing, China. This event was hosted by Amway China, and celebrated and recognized their efforts in the world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Over 80 CSR events were judged, then awarded, based on different categories.

Going into this, I was not sure what to expect….now, with a first hand perspective of seeing what “Oscar Night” means to Amway China, I can tell you that it is all the things one would typically associate with an Oscar-level event: A large, gorgeous venue; bigger than life stage props; accompanying videos and performances that motivated, inspired and entertained; hosts and hostesses, moving speeches, laughter and emotion.

Despite experiencing 80% of the dialogue not in my native language, I still was able to understand 100% of the meaning.

The CSR programs were amazing. The lives they touched, both near and far, was beyond what I would have imagined. Pick two or three of them, implement in another market, and you have a significant change….but, 80? In China alone? What an incredible accomplishment. Hats off to the teams and volunteers.

Key takeaway? At Amway, we do not work for a “company.” We work as a family, that believes in creating changes in lives, living out values and foundational fundamentals. After this experience, the Amway family got bigger, and the world got even smaller.


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