A cheerful ambulance ride in Indonesia

Nov 23, 2010

Is there such a thing as a fun ambulance?

In Indonesia there is. They have happy hospital wards too.

Amway Indonesia’s foundation, “Yayasan Amway Peduli,” teamed up with the Dharmais Hospital’s foundation in Jakarta, “Yayasan Pita Kuning,” in 2008 to renovate sections of the children’s cancer ward by painting the walls with cheerful colors and fun murals.

This year, Amway donated an ambulance unit to transport young patients to and from the hospital. The interior of the ambulance was decorated with bright colors and fun characters similar to the hospital wards.

Koen Verheyen, General Manager of Amway Indonesia said, “We want the children to receive care immediately and comfortably. We want them to imagine going to happy places.”

Amway also invited health experts to talk to parents about ways to detect the early stages of childhood cancer. And every third Saturday of the month is an Amway volunteer day in Indonesia. Employees and Independent Business Owners are encouraged to give their times across the country.

While they may not ride in a colorful ambulance to the hospital, they do visit regularly to read books, draw pictures and play together with the young patients to speed their way to recovery.

Thanks to Ita Sembiring, Iin Marsutji and Sri Soekarmoen for sharing this story.

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