Fruit and Veggies for Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2010

What’s on your Thanksgiving Day grocery list? How about fruits and veggies?

Over the last week, we closed out the Positive Sprouts program for the year by celebrating with Boys & Girls Club members at seven new gardens across the US.

And of course, we sent the families home with fresh fruits and vegetables for the holidays.

It was amazing to see how much had bloomed in just two months at the Orlando Club. Our hosts toured us through the garden and let us taste some basil and some beans.

In Orlando, they made foods from around the world, using ingredients from the garden. They served them to parents and staff members, and shared their recipes.

In San Diego, the Club made pizzas with garden ingredients. In Buena Park, California, they played nutrition quiz games and gave away prizes, like a set of Disneyland tickets for a family. In Grand Rapids, MI, a local chef made recipes emphasizing the flavors in vegetables. There were also events in Denver and Philadelphia.

I’ll be headed to the store tonight for final ingredients for the turkey. But I’ll be sure to make room on our table for the fruits and vegetables this year … and thinking about our new gardening experts at the Boys & Girls Clubs!

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