A new kind of artist changes perceptions

Dec 01, 2010

An innovative and absorbing display of skill and talent was witnessed at a dance competition at the Shah Auditorium in New Delhi this week.

What made it special is that the performers were all visually challenged.

The assumption that visually challenged people can excel in sedentary activities alone was disrupted when the Amway Opportunity Foundation & All India Confederation of the Blind organized this nationwide dance competition. Over 110 competitors from 15 institutions across India congregated at the auditorium in Delhi.

Open to both boys and girls, the competition consisted of both solo and group dance performances.  Dance forms included classical, folk and freestyle.

The performances were adjudged by a jury of eminent dance specialists and Mangat Ram Singhal, Minster for Social Welfare in the Delhi Government, handed out prizes to the winners.

The budding artists left the audience spellbound with their graceful movements, expressive gestures and rhythmic action.  This was the first All India Competition of its kind in the country, but hopefully not the last!

Thanks to Raj Narain for submitting this story.

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