Recent sponsorships lauched … with a twist

Dec 06, 2010

Amway just does things differently.

We had two high profile events in the U.S. this week, but both of them were done a little different than the norm.

First, Jori Hartwig, our VP of Marketing for Amway in North America, was on the Today Show to announce our donation to the Today Show Toy Drive. For the past five years, Direct Selling Association members have partnered to make a big difference for this cause.

However, rather than providing the usual cars, dolls and stuffed animals, Amway has been focusing its efforts on teenage girls, an underserved segment during the holidays. So things like jewelry, digital cameras and perfume were on the list of $260,000 worth of gifts.

The other big announcement was Amway signing Kurt Warner as a spokesperson. We are a top seller of nutritional products, so of course we sign athletes right?

Well, this was different too. The launch communications prominently announced that Amway would be donating $50,000 to Warner’s First Things First Foundation.

A little unusual it seems, but not for Amway. Partnering on community causes has become part of Amway’s filter for choosing spokespeople for our brands. With Ronaldinho, it was the Goal by Goal program. With the Orlando Magic, it’s KaBoom playgrounds. With Adam Gilchrist in Australia, it has been Freedom Wheels.

That’s what makes Amway different. It’s business … with a twist.

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