Voices of hope echo from Vietnam

Dec 08, 2010

In Vietnam, a group of children performs proudly on stage, blending electric guitars and keyboards with traditional Vietnamese instruments.

While they face challenges, they have opportunities that many others across the country could only dream of.

Most of the performers are blind. Yet they attend Nguyen Dinh Chieu (NDC) School in Hanoi, the only school in the country that provides mainstream education for 150 vidually impaired students in grades 1 to 9.

The school also has programs that focus on vocational and career training, and it provides some scholarships for high school and college education.

Amway has been working with Hands of Hope to support the NDC school since we opened for business in Vietnam a few years ago. Amway support goes toward musical training, health insurance, vocational training and Braille textbooks.

So when these children take the stage, they have a future to sing about, and a voice to share their stories with the world.

Following are pictures from a recent performance, and Amway volunteers at a Mid-Autumn Celebration. Thanks to Pham Thi Phuong Thao and Sri Soekarmoen for contributing to this story.

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