A time to celebrate

Dec 09, 2010

As a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and his love for children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as Children’s Day on November 14.

Schools celebrate this day by organizing cultural programs. Teachers perform songs and dances for their students. This was a perfect time for the the Amway team in Delhi to celebrate with their Sunrise Project partner at the Deepalaya School.

Amway employees joined students by singing, lighting lamps and playing games. They shared snacks together and shared smiles and laughter throughout the day.

It is important to approach children’s causes with seriousness and determination. But it is also important to celebrate, laugh and dream together.

So Happy Children’s Day to the Amway Opportunity Foundation and its 63 Sunrise Project partners across India!

 Thanks to Raj Narain for contributing to this story.


    • Gourab Ujjal Bora says:

      It is indeed an honour for me to be associated with Amway’s “One By One” Campaign. It actually gives me and many others like me, an opportunity to contribute something to the society which I strongly believe is a Social and Moral responsibility for every one of us. This particular event that I attended gave me immense inner satisfaction when I saw the happiness in the eyes of the Children present over there. I also would like to appreciate the Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) alongwith the entire Management of Amway Corporation for their dedicated work.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your willingness to take the time to participate in these events, which are so important to bulding up our local communities. -JH

    • Raj Narain says:

      Thank you so much Mr. Bora for your encouragement and proactive participation.
      Through AOF events Amway strives to contribute to the society where in it operates at the same time each AOF event and activity also enables every person touched by such event to get an opportunity to experience Amway.
      We look forward for your continued commitment for the cause of AOF. Raj Narain

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