The circus came to me!

Dec 13, 2010

The circus stands for wonder and delight. It features amazing acts and big laughs.

Last week, Amway leaders in Russia brought the circus to some special children who don’t get the chance to see the popular shows in Moscow.

The “Mini Circus Tour” brought performers from Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, one of the best performances around.

They visited an orphanage for disabled children in Uvarovo, where Amway and UNICEF had previously built special playrooms.

The children were given their own private performance. At the end of the show, clowns handed out age-appropriate presents to each child - things like glass bead kits, embroidery and construction sets.

Amway showed these children once again how special they are. Now they can not only say the circus came to TOWN, they can also say the circus came to ME.

Thanks to Ekaterina Pozhitkova and Karin Schmid for sharing this story.

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