Turning the Christmas tree orange in Japan

Dec 20, 2010

In Tokyo, there is a Christmas tree decorated with orange ribbons. Lots of them.

For several years, Amway has supported the Orange Project in Japan, which aims to eliminate child abuse through prevention, awareness and treatment programs.

Every year, more than 50 children die because of child abuse in Japan. While it is not often talked about, the prevalence of child abuse in Japan is increasing, with 40,000 reported cases last year.

The orange Christmas tree is filled with some of the 100,000 ribbons collected from all over the country, sent in by distributors and employees. Amway is giving 10 yen to the Orange Project for every ribbon collected.

Donations go to programs like children’s shelters, and others that help raise visibility for the issue, and provide services for children affected.

Are red and green the “official” Christmas colors? Maybe. But in Japan, we are adding a little bit of orange this year.



Thanks to Kafuu Toh and Hisashi Takahashi for contributing to this post – and extra thanks to all of the distributors and employees in Japan who have sent in their ribbons!

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