Celebrating Christmas early in Korea

Dec 22, 2010

As you have probably guessed, we are sharing Christmas stories from around the world this week. In Korea, we heard a  story about how Amway and Independent Business Owner (IBO) leaders celebrated Christmas early this year.

During a n October seminar for IBO leaders, Amway displayed a Christmas tree for families to decorate by writing inspiring message to “wish kids” who are suffering from cancer and other severe medical conditions – along wtih a $5 donations. Donors could also read the stories of the children who their funds would be helping.

If Christmas tree decoration wasn’t enough, IBOs could make a donation and dress up as Santa for a family photo.


After Amway added its own donations to the total, they had raised approximately $40,000 to help with medial expenses for low-income families with children in the hospital. IBO leaders delivered the donations on the last day of the leadership seminar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and three Je-Ju Welfare Centers.

A little early? Perhaps. But just in time to brighten up the holidays for more than 300 children and their families.

Thanks to Kim Drabik and Hye-Sun Kim for sharing this story with us.



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