A warming tree to celebrate the holidays

Dec 23, 2010

The Warming Tree

T’is the season of cheer
But for many out there
It’s a time of despair

Our Warming Tree is a start
A place for us to show our heart
Let’s decorate with new scarves, hats and gloves
And together we’ll warm the holidays with charity and love


This was sent to me by the Amway team in our Canada office. It’s a call that goes out to decorate a “Warming Tree” in the corporate cafeteria. They ask for donations of new hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and toques.

At the beginning of December, the team collected the clothing and donated it to various youth and adult charities in London, Ontario.

And in case you were wondering, toques are a kind of hat … I had to look it up!

Thanks to Carmela Ianni and Jason Menard for submitting this story.

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