Santa’s Secret Workshop

Dec 24, 2010

Santa’s Secret Workshop. Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it? 

The magic this year was how it affected me. I hesitated to set work aside in order to volunteer. It was a commitment during a busy time. 

What I forgot is how good it is to step away and do something generous with no expectation of a return. 

In half hour increments, our team created a true Christmas experience for some kindergarteners and first graders in downtown Grand Rapids. 

Whether they had fifty cents or five dollars, they were given a complete shopping experience for their families. No matter how much they had, we made sure that they had gifts for every family member, wrapped and signed and ready to go. 

After their time at Santa’s Secret Workshop, we brought them back to class so we could help another shopper. Sometimes they stopped for a hug or a high five, but most times they just skipped off, poking through their bag of presents. 

They might not remember us, but we will certainly remember them. And their holidays might just have a little more magic this year … mine certainly do.

Thanks to Dana Boals for getting our team out to volunteer, and to Noelle Gable from Urban Family Ministries for sharing her photos and making this event possible.


    • Mary Boston says:

      This is a great idea. I used to run a non-profit Christian Teen Club, for 5 years. We had a Thrift Store to help generate income to keep the ministry going. When it came to the Christmas Holidays, I said a prayer to my Lord and Savior to help me come up with an Idea to be able to help the Teens have a better Christmas. Well of course I was blessed. He spoke to me and said to open the Thrift Store to let the kids pick out Christmas Gifts for everyone that would be at there house on Christmas morning. I hesitated at 1st, I worried that the things in the Thrift Store were not New items, but because of my Faith I did it anyway. I am so glad I listen to where the Lord was leading me. We’ll the kids got to the Teen Club, and boy was I blessed again. The kids were so excited. What ever money they had or didn’t have, didn’t matter. I was amazed at the results. I cried many happy tears and so did the kids. They were just excited to know that they had a special gift to give to the people they Love. Thankyou Lord for giving me the vision.

    • Jesse Hertstein says:

      It’s an amazing thing to be able to make Christmas special for people, especially children. Thank you for sharing, and for all the work you have done Mary!

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