Inspired to Inspire Others

Jan 07, 2011

My 2011 blog resolution is to tell more One by One stories of our distributors. They aren’t always as easy to find, but they are one of the most amazing aspects of our business.

Case in point: Pam Winters.

Pam and her husband Larry have been Amway Independent Business Owners in the US since 1980, and have achieved the Double Diamond level with Amway. The Winters were inspired by a magazine article Pam read 15 years ago about an organization called Mercy Ministries, a residential program that helps young women who have been physically and sexually abused, many who have been victims of sex trafficking.

In the last ten years, the Winters and their LTD organization have raised $6.2 million to support Mercy Ministries. Pam recently decided to do something very personal for the organization. So she trained for the New York City Marathon, raising $5,000 for the cause in the process.

“We feel so blessed to be able to help these girls,” she says. “We’ve always considered our business to be a type of ministry because we give hope to people all over the world for a better future.”

You can read more about Pam’s story in the latest issue of Achieve Magazine.

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