Kids with a vision

Jan 14, 2011

Kids see things differently than us grown-ups. We see snow and think bad roads. They see snow and think snow day. We see a puddle and walk around. They see a puddle and jump right in.

When Platinum-level Amway distributor Khris Nedam’s students heard of a war-torn Afghanistan, they put on their rain boots and leaped.

Twelve years ago, Nedam and her sixth grade students began Kids 4 Afghan Kids. After hearing about the lives and education systems in Afghanistan, this group of students immediately wanted to help. They set out to fund and build a school for a local village which had been without a formal education for 20 years.

They began raising money every way they could. Can collections, homemade crafts and snacks were just the beginning. The students visited Rotary groups, colleges, and universities and personally presented their ideas. While supervising her students’ efforts, Nedam began her own Amway business in order to make her own contributions to the cause. Overall, Nedam and her students raised a total of $110,000.

The school, which opened in March 2001, began with six teachers and 465 students. Now, it has grown to 1,200 students and 16 teachers with many students walking as far as four hours each way.

What began as a school in a rural village has now grown into a model project admired by many areas throughout the country. In addition to the school, Kids 4 Afghan Kids has added a health clinic, bakery, and a deep well to bring clean water to the village.

Nedam sees her Amway business as the key to sustaining this mission. “Today, my goal for my Amway business is to grow it to the point that I can completely support the operating expenses.”

And that may be the most visionary of all.

Nedam was featured in the latest Achieve Magazine for her efforts. Thanks to Samantha Borque for assembling this story.

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