Equal in Sport

Jan 24, 2011

 Amway continues to elevate the awareness of children with disabilities in Russia by providing them with opportunities to participate in sports.

 Last fall, Amway created the “Equal in Sport” program, where children with disabilities, and children from low income families, joined soccer teams weekly practice and two playoff matches.

There were 8 teams from 4 cities, with 73 players in total. Each team that participated received a trophy. At the finale, they met local soccer stars and were given gifts: Nutrilite backpacks with souvenirs and Nutrilite vitamins.

The winning team, which happened to be “Futbolishka” from St. Petersburg, will receive a special prize in April. The entire team will participate in a special trip to Italy to visit the AC Milan professional soccer team, where they will meet superstar Ronaldinho.

Stay tuned for more in April!

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