Rewards you can never imagine

Jan 26, 2011

Our team has been admiring the work of Amway distributor Beverly Sallee Ophoff ever since we launched the One by One campaign. But I really didn’t get a sense of the scope and diversity of her philanthropic activities until she was featured in Achieve Magazine last month.

Beverly is a 29-year Amway distributor who has achieved the Crown Ambassador level of achievement and built a large and respectable business around the world.

I came across her work firsthand in South Africa, where we visited a SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town. There, she had introduced a group of Amway distributors in her network to the SOS organization, and they quickly found ways to support the village and mentor the children and Home Mothers.

What I learned in the Achieve article is that gave up a career in music in order to build her business, with a focus on helping women earn their independence.

Beverly has been involved in everything from music scholarships and music festivals to orphan care and the prevention of human trafficking.

Her approach to business success is simple. “I define myself as someone who earns money to give money away.” She says that this type of generosity brings, “rewards you can never imagine.”

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