Goal by Goal renewed with AC Milan

Jan 31, 2011

Amway announced that it will renew the successful Goal by Goal program with the AC Milan soccer team in Italy.

Previously, Goal by Goal triggered an Amway donation to a children’s cause every time Ronaldinho scored a goal. Now, the program has been extended to the entire AC Milan team. For every goal scored, Amway will donate $2,500 through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

Amway Area manager Fabrizio Suaria recently kicked off the program with an $85,000 check for the the AC Milan Foundation to cover 34 goals that were scored by the team so far this season. Donations will be used toward the construction of a sports center in Naples, Italy to create a safe environment for at-risk youth and “restore the role of sports an educational medium.”

Last season’s donations enabled the construction of a similar sports center in Pagliare di Sassa, L’Aquila, and the previous year’s program supported the Buzzi Children Hospital in Milan.

Go Milan!

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