Many disasters, many responses

Feb 04, 2011

Last year about this time, we were responding to a major earthquake in Haiti. This year, we have not seen a tragedy at that global scale, but there have been many localized events.

In each case, Amway and its employees and distributors are helping people and communities recover. Here are a few.



Brazil is recovering from flooding and mud slides that have killed at least 745 people, left more than 200 missing and 21,500 homeless. One of the affected areas is Rio de Janeiro, where we have an Amway Experience Center. Thankfully, there are no reports of employees or distributors affected. Amway is providing donations of products to families in need, and discussing long-term rebuilding efforts with Habitat for Humanity.



New Zealand

New Zealand experienced a massive 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch. Amway employees organized a fundraising event with local distributors, matching money that was raised. They also offered free delivery to distributors in the affected area and extended discounts for product purchases.



Recent flooding in Australia has covered an area greater than the size of France and Germany combined, affecting more than 3 million people. Amway made a donation through the Premier’s appeal. Local Amway leaders are also discussing long-term rebuilding of playgrounds or Freedom Wheels bikes that were affected. Amway distributors and staff are also making donations, and distributors living in the affected area will receive special product offers and free delivery. Australia now braces itself against Cyclone Yasi, a massive storm that will cross the same area.



Colombia is currently experiencing the worst winter in its history. There are estimates that over one million people have been displaced from their homes in Colombia due to massive floods. Amway is making a donation through relief efforts of Colombia Humanitaria, coordinated by Maria Clemencia Rodriguez, the Colombian President’s wife. Amway is also looking at long-term rebuilding efforts through Habitat for Humanity.

Our hearts go out to the victims of these catastrophes, and we send thanks to local Amway leaders, employees and distributors for their efforts to help.

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