Science and math give wings

Feb 10, 2011

Bill Gates has called the airplane the original World Wide Web, because it brought people, languages, ideas and values together. Today – 108 years after the airplane’s invention – it is inspiring young girls and other underrepresented populations to study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Why is that so important?

STEM literacy has been identified as critical for making intelligent decisions about the future of our planet, including how we procure and use energy; communicate; and tackle worldwide problems like hunger and disease. Studies have shown that for the foreseeable future, the fastest growing jobs will be STEM-related, including nurses and engineers.

Enter the STEPS program.

STEPS stands for “Science, Technology & Engineering Preview Summer.” It’s a day camp offered in nearly a dozen sites across the U.S. In West Michigan, the Aviation Department at Amway participates in a four-day STEPS experience for middle school teenagers. They tour our corporate hangar; fly in a plane; learn about airplane engineering and construction; and in general, receive insight and encouragement from our industry-recognized aviation team.

Middle school is a critical time for inspiring students to pursue STEM courses, as it’s the time when far too many of them turn away from math and science. STEPS has set out to change that.

 Using wings to help with STEPS.  Now that’s original!


Thanks to Cindy Droog for sharing this story.

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