For every action, a big reaction

Feb 15, 2011

Three years ago, we decided to give the Amway One by One Campaign for Children a boost by scaling up or creating new programs in 27 countries.

Then we waited and watched.

This week, we’ve been compiling stories, statistics and photos for internal reporting. And we can’t help but be surprised by the creativity and profound impact these programs have had.

Once again, when we act, people react, and show their heart.

Here are a few examples … and there are many more than space would allow:

  • 7 new gardens at Boys & Girls in the US
  • 15 schools supplied with libraries, computers and Amway volunteer teachers in China
  • 8 camps that teach life skills to teenage orphans as they transition to independence in the Ukraine
  • 57 orphanages “adopted” by Amway and its distributors across India
  • 250 stories made available digitally to visually impaired children in Thailand
  • 4 new enrichment programs for abused and neglected children in Singapore
  • 2 hot meals each day for a school full of children who may otherwise not be eating in South Africa
  • 100,000 orange ribbons collected along with donations that raise awareness of child abuse in Japan
  • 2,500 procedures each month at a children’s hospital for low income families in Brazil

We can’t wait to tell these stories on the blog. Stay tuned!

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