Eight thousand and 270 smiles

Feb 16, 2011

This post is about some pretty amazing numbers achieved in January for the Amway China Leadership Seminar in Sydney. Amway China sales representatives visited Australia, including Sydney and the vineyards in nearby Hunter Valley. The event culminated in what’s predicted to be the biggest – and most profitable – tourism event in New South Wales this year.

But the dollars aren’t the most important numbers. When all was said and done, the event added up to so much more. Take a look:

  • $144,000. The amount of money raised for One by One partner charity in Australia, Freedom Wheels.
  • $40 million. The amount poured into Sydney’s economy through the trip.
  • $3 million. Net direct impact on the Hunter Valley community, primarily supporting locally-owned businesses, entertainers, decorators, translators, restaurateurs, and chocolate, cheese, wine and food suppliers.
  • 9.6 million. Australians who read, saw or heard about the event, prompting renewed interest in Amway for some.
  • 8,000. The number of Amway representatives from China who worked hard to earn and enjoy this business incentive trip.
  • 270. The number of smiles on the faces of the disabled Australian children who will have bikes specially designed and built for them to experience riding for the first time.

All in all, that’s a lot of smiles. And that’s the lasting legacy for the visit.

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