Picking up the pieces

Feb 18, 2011

Have you ever been affected by a major natural disaster?

Flooding, fires, hurricanes … these can turn your life upside down. For Amway distributors, it means putting the pieces of your life and business back together and relying on others to help you through.

The good thing is that our relationships are assets that weather can’t destroy.

Some business owners in Australia are experiencing this as their community recovers from massive flooding that we reported on two weeks ago.

Like many other volunteers and supporters, Amway distributors Derek and Chris Pingel have been working hard to rebuild their community.

Derek said, “This is indeed a very emotional and difficult time for so many families throughout our region. The true extent of the devastation is incredible. The overwhelming generosity of hundreds of volunteers has been nothing short of inspirational. We and the people of the Lockyer Valley are sincerely grateful for the generosity of companies like Amway. I have never witnessed such a united effort from people throughout our district and for that matter, our Nation. It really is a wonderful example of the true Australian Spirit!!!”

Thank you to Amway Australia, and the employees and distributors who have donated products, time and money.

Amway has donated $A50,000 for the Queensland floods through One by One.

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