We need your votes!

Feb 25, 2011

We have entered our video about the Amway Positive Sprouts program into a film festival, and we need your votes!

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship will award the winner of its annual film festival in April. The top 10 finalists will be determined by a public vote, which lasts until March 10.

Please click here to view the submissions and cast your vote. Ours is in the third row up from the bottom on the right hand side (they are in random order this year).

And if you haven’t yet heard about the Amway Positive Sprouts program, we will be talking about it more this year. It began in 2010 as a new partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to teach kids about healthy nutrition by helping them build their own edible gardens.

We hope this contest is a way to validate the amazing work begun by Amway Independent Business Owners and Boys & Girls Club members.

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