The magic of children’s art

Feb 28, 2011

I have three pictures from my kids hanging in my office that I can’t take down. They say so much about their personalities and their outlook on life.


In the Amway World Headquarters building, we created a gallery of children’s art to tell the One by One story. Programs in India and China are taking the concept a step further.

Through its Amway One by One support, leaders at Amway China found that many of the children it served were very gifted artists. Touched by this creativity, they held a painting contest called, “My Beautiful Hometown.” More than 300 pictures were collected nationwide and displayed online. Around 100 were awarded, with some made into elaborate cards and calendars as gifts to celebrate the new year.


In India, the Amway Opportunity Foundation has held an art contest in 50 cities around the country for the past twelve years. More than 10,000 children participate this year. Local teachers serve as judges and six children receive national recognition.


Do you have a favorite hanging on your refrigerator, or mounted in a frame?

Thanks to Raj Narain and Sherry Chen for sharing these stories.

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