A Beautiful U

Mar 02, 2011

Young girls are exposed to messages that make them question their own beauty and their own value.

Amway is determined to convince these girls otherwise.

Beautiful U: Mind, Body & Soul was an event sponsored by Amway One by One in West Michigan to help young girls find their own beauty, in their own way.

In partnership with local TV personality Miranda, middle school girls came together to gather tips, tools and knowledge on health, self-esteem, fashion, beauty, careers and community service. Workshops, speakers and hands-on activities gave the girls a new perspecitve on their own value.

The event also included makeup artists from the ARTISTRY team at Amway, who taught proper skin care and age-appropriate makeup techniques. To conclude the event, high school students put on a fashion show, which featured trendy and modest outfits from Meijer stores.

Building confidence in young girls will make them stronger and allow them to believe in themselves. In the words of one of the girls, “I learned to love myself-inside and out.”

Thanks to Samantha Bourque for sharing this story. 

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